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In the near future we expect to be offering a callcenter offering for worldwide coverage for contracted clients.

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We will strive to provide the uppermost and personal service you can have for your hospital. Our clients are any client that have or will use any of the Picis Clinical Modules.
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For printout development and support:

For any other support request:


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Printouts and Reports.

This is the service we can offer immediately.
We can provide support on your existing printouts or help you design any new printout based on, but not limited to the standard printout that Picis/Optum will offer you. Over the next few months we will create a set of templates we can offer for a limited price.

Project Management.

We have experienced staff available for short or longer term contracts.


On- or off-site support can be contracted.


This should be available very soon, please contact us for what areas you are looking for extended support.

Device drivers.

To independently create a working device driver for your system we need access to Picis Source code, which we have not yet been granted.



Setup and Configuration.

Import and Export.

We are working on getting the right people on board for any tasks around getting you correctly set up with the desired customization and support.


March 15, 2013

Added Facebook page to share likes.

March 1, 2013

This web-site has been created, where we publically are announcing our presence to help you.

February 26, 2013

A few of us was released from contracts with Picis/Optum as they chose to offshore support and development work.
We decided that short- and long term clients, which we both have worked intensely and personally, can be given the choice to choose a support provider.

September, 1998

Some of us started to work for Picis INC.



March 1, 2013

We are currently 100% independent from Picis/Optum/UHG.
We do not have access to Picis/Optum source-code and only have access to the documentation that is made available in the public domain and our experience.
All development and troubleshooting will be performed on the Picis products installed at the client´s installations.
Any software bugs discovered will need to be raised by the end customer directly with Picis/Optum support (we will of course provide technical assistance as necessary).
In case we are offered to work in conjunction with Picis/Optum staff, we will of course do this as long as all parties are in agreement to support us.